About Oroba

Oroba (from Arabic, meaning “Arabism” ) is a small company dedicated to providing top quality Arabic localization, translation, and proofreading services between English, Arabic, and Hebrew in many fields in which we specialize. We are a carefully chosen group of zealous Arab linguists, translators, web designers, content writers and techies who all share three things:  love for languages, passion for creativity, and zealousness for both a productive and enjoyable working experience.

>>>  While each of us possess a unique history of experience and expertise, we do not claim that we can (nor are we willing to) localize everything from every field under the sun. We specialize in a specific range of topics that we have mastered. We constitute a diverse group of qualified professionals, but if we can’t offer a quality translation in a given field, we will simply not take it at all!

Because we believe translation is an art, and indeed KNOWLEDGE and experience as well; all translators in our team have graduated from top universities, either with degrees in English and Arabic, English and Hebrew, or Arabic and Hebrew, with extensive experience in various translation fields and topics. This guarantees that each and every translator in our team possesses the knowledge and nuance that pushes our mastery of translation to the limits.


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