Comprehensive Arabic Localization services

In our global village, which is getting smaller and smaller everyday with the power of new media tools and social networks that have not only influenced, but indeed revolutionized the way people interact, think, and even live their lives; it is no wonder that the need to bridge the language gap on both the personal and professional levels is rapidly growing and the competition is getting more intense.

At Oroba, we not only follow the trends of this information revolution, we are truly engaged with it. We know best how to >>> utilize technology to achieve an unprecedented expansion of your business and to reach audiences that once were very difficult to reach.
We have been very busy designing localized products and campaigns that integrated blogs and bulletin boards, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., which targeted Arabic and English speakers alike.

We offer top notch translation, proofreading, multilingual web publishing and localization of English material into Arabic and vice versa, including official documents, advertisements, TV commercials, websites, manuals, guide books and brochures in almost every format and in a broad spectrum of industries:

  • Translation from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic.
  • Proofreading of English-into-Arabic translations, while paying attention to correspondence in meaning, format, punctuation and typography, and of course the validity of grammar and spelling in the translated Arabic texts.
  • Editing of any Arabic text to correct it or to make it conform to the required conditions in terms of content, form, and spirit.
  • Subtitling after translation of English multimedia material into Arabic (video or audio), either by hardcoding the Arabic subtitles into the video or providing the subtitles in a separate standard format file that can be imported and used by major video production software.
  • Arabic voice-over service by our eloquent and talented professionals who know how to bring your recording into life, taking into consideration your age, gender, and tempo requirements.
  • Audio recording of any given text, done by our native, articulate, and eloquent speakers.
  • Transcription of English or Arabic recorded dialogue or speech and providing it in the format you choose.

We do everything with a special attention to the target audience and after carefully examining its linguistic, social, and cultural background and fully understanding the context in which the project will be implemented.
This ensures your company is presented to your audience in the manner closest to perfection.


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