Why choose Oroba?

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We take our work very seriously because we take our reputation very, very seriously. Unless you want us to work to tight deadlines, we prefer to sit back, relax, and enjoy creating every letter, every bit, and every pixel in your localization project. We take pride in our honesty, friendliness, and helpfulness, and above all, in our belief that the quality of the services we offer and the satisfaction of our clients are the essence and pillars of our company.

>>> We are aware of your need to pay as little as possible, and we will help you do just that. Our team members at Oroba have the required experience and training that allows them to swiftly analyze and evaluate your project, and share with you their thoughts about the best ways to accomplish your goals in the shortest time at a minimum cost. Once you decide to go with Oroba for your project, our highly qualified and skilled staff will immediately start creating yet another success story of yet another happy client.

So, why you should choose us for your Arabic translation or localization project ?

  • Translation is done by professionals with postgraduate degrees in linguistics who are native speakers of Arabic with extensive experience in translation. If a text is to be translated from Arabic to English, the translations by native Arabic speakers will be reviewed and proofread by a native English speaker to ensure maximum quality and transparency.
  • We accept projects of any length, and take even a one-page document very seriously.
  • Our translators either speak or are very familiar with all dialects of Arabic.
  • Quick response and rapid delivery. Small projects can be delivered overnight or even on the same day.
  • After delivering a completed project, we offer follow-up and support, always ready to explain or modify anything if needed, free of charge.
  • Because we are a virtual company (all work is done via virtual communication systems and remote collaboration rooms), we do not have those enormous expenses like transportation (which also means we have a lot of extra time to work on your project while our competitors are stuck in traffic jams :) ), we don’t have rental expenses, services, air conditioning, parking, furniture, phone lines; we do not have a handyman or a dustman to pay salaries to… Oh, we also do not need a fancy espresso machine :)
  • The combination of these qualities allows us to offer you really competitive prices, lower than most translation firms out there, which means you save big money!

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